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International Program in Ornamental Fish Technology and Aquatic Animal Health, NPUST



The International Master/Ph.D. Program in Ornamental Fish Science and Technology will offer 4 competency enhancement courses, including Ornamental Fish Breeding and Feeding Technology Research and Development, Ornamental Fish Facility and System Research and Development, Ornamental Fish Industrial Marketing, and Ornamental Fish Disease Diagnosis and Vaccine Research and Development, planned by the “Ornamental Fish Technology Education and Research Team” composed of overseas well-known university professors and current NPUST interdisciplinary professors specializing in the fields of aquaculture animal (ornamental fish) breeding and feeding technology, ornamental fish disease prevention and treatment, production medicine, and ornamental fish transportation and marketing.


Internationally renowned researchers in the Program include Prof. Alexandra Adams of the University of Stirling for fish vaccine development, Prof. Øystein Evensen of Norwegian University of Life Science for fish vaccines and immunology, Prof. Ikuo Hirono of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology for aquatic genetics and biochemistry, genomics, Prof. Terutoyo Yoshida of the University of Miyazaki for fish bacterial vaccine development, and Prof. Yung-Fu Chang of Cornell University for Infectious Diseases, Microbial Pathogenesis, Molecular Microbiology.


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